Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What does LGBT stand for? LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender. Our scholarship is only available to those that openly identify as LGBT specifically.
  • Is your scholarship only available to graduating high school seniors? Yes, the student must be a graduating high school senior who is entering an institution of higher learning the same year of graduation. However, please feel free to visit our Resources Page to assist you with additional scholarship opportunities: https://www.leaguefoundation.org/student-resources/
  • Is the scholarship available to overseas applicants? Not at this time. The student must be a US citizen or legal resident. For a full list of qualifications please check out our website here: https://www.leaguefoundation.org/scholarships/
  • If I submit a letter of recommendation can the applicant see it?: Yes, the applicant can view all information associated to their application, and that includes letters of recommendation or college acceptance letters that may be attached by others.
  • When I hit the submit button should I expect something?: The submit button saves your application, but as long as the application period is still open you may still continue to make edits. This is to ensure we do not remove your ability to make any last minute edits.  Once the application period closes, your application will be switched to read only while the board reviews the last saved information and you may no longer make any updates.
  • Can I mail you backup documentation like my transcript or recommendation letters?:  No, the application is completely electronic.  Any documentation the application requires will need to be scanned and uploaded as a pdf attachment.
  • Can I upload multiple documents to the application?: Each document request (i.e. question) only allows one file upload.  If your documentation is in multiple files (i.e. transcript is in attachments) you will need to combine them into one file in order to upload to your application for that question / request.
  • Is the scholarship paid to the awardee? No, the scholarship funds are made payable directly to the institution of higher learning on behalf of the awardee.
  • When can I apply and when are the awards given? The scholarship period opens in January to April of each year with awardees and disbursements made in the summer of that year.
  • Will I hear from the LEAGUE Foundation on the status of my application? Those selected for an award will be contacted directly. Once all awardees are contacted, a press release on this website and on Facebook will be published.  Those applicants not selected are not contacted directly.
  • Is the LEAGUE Foundation looking for paid services (i.e. Web or Marketing etc.)? Not at this time: as a philanthropic organization with no paid staff, we do not have a conventional operating budget in order to maximize the scholarship awards given. However, if you are willing to volunteer your services or skills please email us (info@leaguefoundation.org) with your proposal for our board’s evaluation.
  • If awarded, can my scholarship be deferred? No, the intent of the scholarship program is to aide students to get from High School to their freshman or initial year of school to an institution of higher learning.