The LEAGUE Foundation is honored to award an annual scholarship in memory of Frank Duracher. duracher

Long-time CFO of LEAGUE at AT&T and previously Treasurer to the Georgia Chapter of LEAGUE, Frank Duracher was a passionate advocate of being your authentic self at work, and believed in the opportunities LEAGUE offered to educate communities about LGBTQ+ issues and to encourage more people to be open to diversity and the inclusion of everyone.
As well as an 8-year career at AT&T, Frank gained his Master of Accountancy degree from Auburn University and built his own CPA firm, with the encouragement of Scott, his husband of over 25 years.  Frank was also a huge fan of all things Disney and "Nightmare Before Christmas" in particular.

Frank tragically lost his battle with cancer in April 2022, and we celebrate his life and work at LEAGUE at AT&T with this annual award.

All applicants are automatically considered for all LEAGUE Foundation Scholarships.  The Laurel Hester, Tyler Clementi, Frank Duracher, and Matthew Shepard Memorial Scholarships are the LEAGUE Foundation's highest awards.

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